Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Forum Software Upgrade

Good afternoon,

We are happy to announce we will be updating our forum software to xenforo 2.0 his weekend. will still have all those features you love but with an upgraded platform and enhanced security.

Stop on by Saturday July 21st and check out the new and improved forum !

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Message Board Etiquette And Other Online Essentials

As we await the draft I have once again had the annual posting issues that seem to fester on every forum/message board at least once a year. I find that even the most senior members of any given message board community tend to forget the basic rules of message boards everywhere, so today why not a review !

Tone and Courtesy in Writing

The "tone" is a very important part of electronic communication. When you read your message out loud, does it sound the way you would speak to another person in a room ?
  • Humor can be difficult to convey in text, so make sure everyone realizes when you are trying to be funny. It is easy for messages to be misinterpreted since there are no physical gestures or voice inflections that accompany the text.
  • Think through and re-read your comments before you post them.
  • Be nice. Refrain from inappropriate language and derogatory or personal attacks.
  • Make a personal commitment to learning about, understanding, and supporting your peers.
  • Assume the best of others in the community and expect the best from them.
  • Disagree with ideas, but avoid challenges that may be interpreted as a personal attack.
  • Be open to be challenged or confronted on your ideas or prejudices.
  • Challenge others with the intent of facilitating growth. Do not demean, harass or embarrass others.
  • Encourage others to develop and share their ideas
  • Don't Be A Troll: Trolls are users who find flame filled threads on a board and keep replying to them just to keep a board stirred up. This will get you banned quickly on most message boards. 
  • This kind of behavior is why so many forums have a list of posting rules and consequences for breaking them. Some may say this behavior is more prominent among immature teens, but that is in no way the case. Many of the worst offenders are adults who should know better. The veil of anonymity seems to bring out the worst in these people, and any bullying tendencies they have tend to become magnified in the semi-protection of an anonymous forum.
  • Do not use someone else’s thread for a private conversation. PM them
  • Write concisely and do not ramble on and on, make your point and move on.
  • Most of the rest of forum etiquette involves using the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. Behaving as a reasonable adult, even in the face of being flamed, is always the best course of action. If a poster becomes harassing, obscene or personal, do not retaliate. Instead, cut and paste the offensive post(s) into an pm or e-mail and quickly report it to the moderator or forum administrator.

            My last comment here is for those of you who love to hark on moderators and admin for being Nazi's. It's their job to keep topics and the community on track without the  above guidelines being broken. If you drift off course then delete your post and push away from the key board.. don't blame your bad day on the forum community or staff.

Many forum owners hold different standards for their community, read the terms of use and rules of the community before posting or ask the admin.

            Thanks for reading and have a great weekend !

Monday, January 25, 2016

Writers Wanted

We are looking for writers for the blog. Would prefer a self starter who would like to set their own schedule and cover anything Wisconsin sports and beyond ! Interested ?

Contact us >

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Mystery Of The 2015 Packers Or The Perfect Storm On The Bay

By Mark

 It's taken me a few weeks how to couch the mysterious feel of the Packers this year and in pretext let me say most of you won't like it nor will you buy in. That's fine this is my personal take using a couple of sources and several weeks of chat on the forum.

First let's recall the emotional letdown after the NFC title game. Despite what you heard this isn't an easy thing to swallow. Shortly there after MM lost his brother. I have not seen MM look fully emotionally vested since that point. The big beard was a tribute to his brother as he wore one. The "I'll turn over play calling"  was more about coach checking out of this season and smelling the roses than anything else.

So this starts a recipe for what's been going on. MM is only half into this season. 2 new coach's  are game planning and we have a new guy calling the shots on game day. That coach is extremely tight with Aaron and allows him to be liberal with check downs and input into this game plan.

For the first time the QB(Rodgers) and WR are in the same room. Route concepts are being studied at the QB pace with 2 rookies and a couple 2nd year players ( That's big folks..not common).

Let's stop there and put in the rather odd way GB treated the beat writers this season. I started following GB in and or around 1973 best of my memory. All my early game day/weekday coverage was via a radio and 3 papers.
 The Appleton or Green bay paper and or Milwaukee Journal with some Wisconsin state journal mixed in at times. Never since 1973 have I seen that much kick back at the press. In much worse times with worse teams GB has been still cordial always. When NFL teams fall off their norm behavior it's a red flag that something internal is stirring.

Back on track, After the "miracle" win in Detroit we get the I am taking back play calling announcement from MM ? Does anybody believe that Coach Mike McCarthy just got up that Monday on his own... got his Starbucks and said "I'll demote my Asst HC Offense because his play calling sucks " Please.

Someone up the food chain saw the spiral and something was said. Might not have been an ultimatum, but a size 12 was applied to the HC. He's been shaved and into the game more in 3 weeks than the last 5 months.

Now Ladies and gentleman this leads to a bit of an issue. Two parts. Way way back end of camp MM gives a ringing endorsement to his new play callers and shortly thereafter he calls out a WR named Myles White having his best camp etc. Shortly there after GB cuts White and signs James Jones. That move seems justified now, but it cuts that locker room the wrong way sure as I breathe air.

Second part you used most of the season, saying play calling is fine.... no issues. Hey "I need to stay out of it" direct quote. But then 3 weeks ago you completely contradict that position and undo everything you said for 13 weeks ????

Do you trust your HC anymore as a player ? As a staff member ? If you're reading this take off the Green and gold glass's and imagine MM is your boss at work and he pulled those 2 things in your workplace?

Would you trust him anymore. Would you work hard for that boss ?

It appears to me the perfect storm has been and could be brewing in GB. I think this team has another chapter to write but frankly if it doesn't end with a SB trophy some of the above could have had a big part in what's missing in 2015 in Green Bay.

There you have my look into this mystery of a season.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Packers Midway Report Card

By Mark

Here we are at the half way point of the 2015/15 season. As is tradition I present the midway report card.


QB: After a hot start Aaron Rodgers has cooled off, Aaron appears to have taken steps back the last few weeks. A combination of pressure and mistrust in his WR has resulted in some poor performances. Still Aaron is one of the best in the game. GRADE: A-

OL : What was a strong group last year is a beat up and discombobulated group this year. Both OT are hobbled with bum knees and our OG are also off. This group has allowed 14 sacks and 29 hits through 8 games. The depth isn't there so we sink or swim with our starting 5.  GRADE : C -

WR : Hard group to grade as a whole. James Jones is a god's send and I was wrong a great signing. Cobb is still a huge threat but people forget he's playing injured in a harness. Adams when healthy can really be an asset but again playing hurt. The remainder of the group is untried and has very little playing time. Grade : C -

RB/FB : Lacey started out hot got injured and hasn't been the same. Starks has some fantastic runs and then disappears at times, still great upside in the screen game. Grade: B

Overall this offense is a plain C... average with a great QB.


DL: This group had me eating crow the first 3 games and then starting playing like the last 2 years. Tough as nails one series and then like swiss cheese the next. No consistency.

A big pet peeve is they love to jaw with the offense. STOP  play hard do your job then talk smack.

Grade : C

LB Corp: Clay Matthews plays like a man on a mission but he can't do it all. I have seen sparks from  Nick Perry and Peppers but the others are are not doing much. Again no consistency and a group that has blown more then an assignment or 2. GRADE : C-

DB/S : Interesting group led by Sam Shields, started out hot when the front 7 was getting pressure. I really think for a group of young DB they do ok. The big mark down comes for the poor technique I have seen since SF. Damarious Randall has really great upside as does Rollins.
Grade: C +

Again as a whole this defense is under performing. They have to to play more consistent.

Grade : C

Coaching :
MM and staff seemed to have rocketed out the gate but the SD game exposed some flaws in the underbelly of the team. Dom Capers has to adjust his defense when his front 7 can't get home and help the secondary with some different coverage's and different stunts etc.

Rodgers and the offense need to slow it down and go back to a patient dink and dunk offense,  no need to get greedy.

This a very good football team that isn't there yet. Now is the time to say we can adjust our schemes and approach and really start getting hot down the stretch.

Grade : C

So in summary despite a 6-2 record I will be giving this team a C plus grade. They can do better in every piece of the game. GB may need to keep a back or TE in more to protect Aaron.

I fully expect a 12-4 ball club to roll into the playoffs but the team can't swell up and believe anymore press. One game at a time playing smart football leads you to the Super Bowl.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Annual 2015 Packer Camp Review and Season Prediction

By Mark

With the last public practice on Tuesday and cuts looming it's once again time for our annual review and prediction blog. This preseason which started out with much buzz and excitement has turned stale following injuries and inconstant play.

While injuries seem to be the headline story each day, the lackluster special teams and rather meh defense is our a bigger issue. ST have really not improved much and it's obvious Ron Zook won't/can't help that area.

Both the OL/DL depth hasn't been up to par so far throughout the preseason and that will be two key areas to watch as the season unfolds. While losing Jordy Nelson was a blow both Myles White and Jeff Janis should be able to cover that loss.

I spent a considerable amount of time watching the defensive backfield once again and really like the additions there. Gunter has been a great pickup and will join Shield as UDFA gems.

Green bay needs to get pressure on the QB and stop the run early in order for this defense to be successful.

Overall this looks like a 11-5 squad with potential to move up or down one depending on injuries etc. GB can not get in a hole this year and work it's way out. NFC north has improved and our depth doesn't appear to be there.

Remember to stop by and register at the forum to talk Packers and all your Wisconsin's free and only takes a minute.

Let's see what 2015 brings us ..... until next time Go Pack Go !!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quick Hits : Preseason Football Isn't Going Anywhere

by Mark

Seems to be a lot of anguish in Packerland today after Jordy's injury on preseason football. First understand that what happened was a freak injury. It wasn't the turf or any other of the crazy things folks were complaining about.

Second preseason games are extra revenue to the NFL. From tickets and concessions to advertising it's money. In this era of revenue sharing and multi million contracts both sides won't let that go.

I think the uptick in injuries has more to do with the players obtuse new practice restrictions in OTA's and practice. Less conditioning and heavy work outs lead to players who are not fully in shape.

Maybe it's time for both sides to check the egos and money clips at the door and start working on a more realistic approach to not only the preseason but OTA's and work out rules that benefit everyone.

That's today's quick hit.