Monday, December 21, 2015

The Mystery Of The 2015 Packers Or The Perfect Storm On The Bay

By Mark

 It's taken me a few weeks how to couch the mysterious feel of the Packers this year and in pretext let me say most of you won't like it nor will you buy in. That's fine this is my personal take using a couple of sources and several weeks of chat on the forum.

First let's recall the emotional letdown after the NFC title game. Despite what you heard this isn't an easy thing to swallow. Shortly there after MM lost his brother. I have not seen MM look fully emotionally vested since that point. The big beard was a tribute to his brother as he wore one. The "I'll turn over play calling"  was more about coach checking out of this season and smelling the roses than anything else.

So this starts a recipe for what's been going on. MM is only half into this season. 2 new coach's  are game planning and we have a new guy calling the shots on game day. That coach is extremely tight with Aaron and allows him to be liberal with check downs and input into this game plan.

For the first time the QB(Rodgers) and WR are in the same room. Route concepts are being studied at the QB pace with 2 rookies and a couple 2nd year players ( That's big folks..not common).

Let's stop there and put in the rather odd way GB treated the beat writers this season. I started following GB in and or around 1973 best of my memory. All my early game day/weekday coverage was via a radio and 3 papers.
 The Appleton or Green bay paper and or Milwaukee Journal with some Wisconsin state journal mixed in at times. Never since 1973 have I seen that much kick back at the press. In much worse times with worse teams GB has been still cordial always. When NFL teams fall off their norm behavior it's a red flag that something internal is stirring.

Back on track, After the "miracle" win in Detroit we get the I am taking back play calling announcement from MM ? Does anybody believe that Coach Mike McCarthy just got up that Monday on his own... got his Starbucks and said "I'll demote my Asst HC Offense because his play calling sucks " Please.

Someone up the food chain saw the spiral and something was said. Might not have been an ultimatum, but a size 12 was applied to the HC. He's been shaved and into the game more in 3 weeks than the last 5 months.

Now Ladies and gentleman this leads to a bit of an issue. Two parts. Way way back end of camp MM gives a ringing endorsement to his new play callers and shortly thereafter he calls out a WR named Myles White having his best camp etc. Shortly there after GB cuts White and signs James Jones. That move seems justified now, but it cuts that locker room the wrong way sure as I breathe air.

Second part you used most of the season, saying play calling is fine.... no issues. Hey "I need to stay out of it" direct quote. But then 3 weeks ago you completely contradict that position and undo everything you said for 13 weeks ????

Do you trust your HC anymore as a player ? As a staff member ? If you're reading this take off the Green and gold glass's and imagine MM is your boss at work and he pulled those 2 things in your workplace?

Would you trust him anymore. Would you work hard for that boss ?

It appears to me the perfect storm has been and could be brewing in GB. I think this team has another chapter to write but frankly if it doesn't end with a SB trophy some of the above could have had a big part in what's missing in 2015 in Green Bay.

There you have my look into this mystery of a season.

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  1. Good read. I never really thought about all of this in the context you wrote it. Admittedly I would think my boss is a prick if he did that.