Monday, November 9, 2015

Packers Midway Report Card

By Mark

Here we are at the half way point of the 2015/15 season. As is tradition I present the midway report card.


QB: After a hot start Aaron Rodgers has cooled off, Aaron appears to have taken steps back the last few weeks. A combination of pressure and mistrust in his WR has resulted in some poor performances. Still Aaron is one of the best in the game. GRADE: A-

OL : What was a strong group last year is a beat up and discombobulated group this year. Both OT are hobbled with bum knees and our OG are also off. This group has allowed 14 sacks and 29 hits through 8 games. The depth isn't there so we sink or swim with our starting 5.  GRADE : C -

WR : Hard group to grade as a whole. James Jones is a god's send and I was wrong a great signing. Cobb is still a huge threat but people forget he's playing injured in a harness. Adams when healthy can really be an asset but again playing hurt. The remainder of the group is untried and has very little playing time. Grade : C -

RB/FB : Lacey started out hot got injured and hasn't been the same. Starks has some fantastic runs and then disappears at times, still great upside in the screen game. Grade: B

Overall this offense is a plain C... average with a great QB.


DL: This group had me eating crow the first 3 games and then starting playing like the last 2 years. Tough as nails one series and then like swiss cheese the next. No consistency.

A big pet peeve is they love to jaw with the offense. STOP  play hard do your job then talk smack.

Grade : C

LB Corp: Clay Matthews plays like a man on a mission but he can't do it all. I have seen sparks from  Nick Perry and Peppers but the others are are not doing much. Again no consistency and a group that has blown more then an assignment or 2. GRADE : C-

DB/S : Interesting group led by Sam Shields, started out hot when the front 7 was getting pressure. I really think for a group of young DB they do ok. The big mark down comes for the poor technique I have seen since SF. Damarious Randall has really great upside as does Rollins.
Grade: C +

Again as a whole this defense is under performing. They have to to play more consistent.

Grade : C

Coaching :
MM and staff seemed to have rocketed out the gate but the SD game exposed some flaws in the underbelly of the team. Dom Capers has to adjust his defense when his front 7 can't get home and help the secondary with some different coverage's and different stunts etc.

Rodgers and the offense need to slow it down and go back to a patient dink and dunk offense,  no need to get greedy.

This a very good football team that isn't there yet. Now is the time to say we can adjust our schemes and approach and really start getting hot down the stretch.

Grade : C

So in summary despite a 6-2 record I will be giving this team a C plus grade. They can do better in every piece of the game. GB may need to keep a back or TE in more to protect Aaron.

I fully expect a 12-4 ball club to roll into the playoffs but the team can't swell up and believe anymore press. One game at a time playing smart football leads you to the Super Bowl.

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