Saturday, January 24, 2015

Packers 2014 Report Card

It's time to grade the 2014 Green bay Packers, After a long run and a disappointing ending here are my grades. 

Offense :

OL:  All things considered, this was one of the best years by a Packer OL line in recent memory. Limited injuries and an opportunity to gel payed huge dividends for this group. Only lack of quality depth brings my grade down. Grade : B +

Backs and Receivers : Again solid effort by the starters that gets dragged down by depth. Both Boykin and Harris were disappointing this year and both may be replaced next season. I expect Abby and Janis to contribute heavy next season. Grade : B+

TE : A very bland season by this group with more ups than downs, other then Quarless just not a lot of upside from the group. Grade : D +

QB : Aaron Rodgers again provided an all pro performance as a pro, while the injuries are a concern there isn't a lot more to say. I will note that back up and or a future QB will need to be addressed sooner or later, but as long as Rodgers starts this position is in good hands. GRADE : A

Offense overall : Grade A minus , GB has to fix it's red zone issues along with some other bad habits on offense, but you really can't ask for much more from this unit.


DL : I continue to be unimpressed with this unit less Mike Daniels, one game they dominate the next they just seem to get by. While Letroy Guin was an ok fill in is he a long term fix at NT ? I still feel that this unit needs an upgrade. Grade : C

LB Corp :  For the 4 th year running I contend as long as the group above is average or below you can't fairly grade the LB Corp but here we go. There is no denying that moving Matthews and the addition of Peppers paid huge dividends for the defense, Sam Barrington had some nice spurts at ILB  and will be ready to start next season.
However you then look at Brad Jones and the hot/cold Perry and Neal and shake your head.

Grade : B

Defensive Backs : I saw much improvement from this group primarily the safeties. HaHa and Burnett were solid and when healthy our corners flourished in man press. The down side is a continued struggle in zone coverage . Look for a new player or two in this unit next season due to attrition. GRADE : B plus

Defense Overall : B minus , While the overall unit improved I still have too many questions to grade higher. Playing 3 man fronts and two deep zone, and that crazy NASCAR package just don't sit well with me. Consider that GB had a ton of luck rushing 4-5 and playing man press...the very defense they dumped pre Capers ?! Hmm ?

Specialists : Crosby is fine and I can't grade the punter because we didn't punt enough to really know for sure. Long snapping was fine as well. ( ST unit is included in coaching grades) Grade : A

Coaching : Here is the most controversial subject in the land. It's hard to grade the sum without taking into account a very solid overall record and deep playoff run, many thought GB fell short. I for one thought they overachieved and made a great run in the second half.
The ST coaching and many game day decisions really do make one scratch their head, I will admit, I still strongly believe that lack of "quality" depth is affecting ST more then anyone likes to talk about.
I also I am not convinced that our defensive scheme is as sound as many bloggers and writers claim it to be.
So all things considered, my grade is a sum of all the above. Not the pitchforks many want, but also not going to deny the flaws we have. Grade : B minus

2014 Team Grade : B

Another season in the books, not the ending anyone hoped for but still being a top 4 team in the NFL is something we can all be proud of. Jumping into the draft and FA now... keep on reading as we prepare for Packers 2015 ! GO PACK GO !

Monday, January 19, 2015

Packers Season Bleeds Away

By Mark

Another year..... another tattered dream, the Packers 2015 season came to an end Sunday in Seattle. This was a hard game to watch as we all had high hopes for this version of the Green Bay packers to bring home a Lombardi trophy.

It was not to be. This squad like several before them seemed to choke on their own success. We just can't seem to find a killer instinct to finish the big game.

Many things bother me about this season but one thing is becoming very evident that most people won't agree with me on. This football team isn't hungry nor do they want it bad enough.

They really never had the eye of the tiger from camp. MM came out and said it was a great camp ..great group blah blah. Everyone jumps on board

They have a few early struggles... Aaron hits the RELAX on a radio show and Packer nation goes Beatles frenzy on it. Again  no real source of hunger that I see.

We continue to build up the ego of this team until we get to a cold Sunday in Buffalo..on the road against a team that doesn't buy into the " their the best" hype... who attacked us until the end.

It was there that the underbelly of the packers beast was exposed... hit Aaron.... be aggressive in the secondary. It worked and Tampa tried to emulate it  the next week and also caused our offense great discomfort.

This team struggles on the road vs an aggressive physical football team.  They don't seem to have the will deep down to overcome that kind of approach.

It seems that the Packers need to take a long deep look at their system from staff to ball boy and say " how do we get our edge back? " I don't think you can go through an off season and not try too tweak this team into a more aggressive road team.

MM also needs to rethink his stance on players and ST, he released a really solid ST player in TE Taylor and never seemed to replace him with anyone that could plug the hole.

Seattle it was reported was able to find our weakness on FG cover and exploit it. If a player can't contribute on ST and or start on offense/defense then you have to move on. Green bay can't continue to hold on to personal for any other reason.

Further you can't get a core ST unit and monkey with it because of this and that MM !  Besides injuries pick your roster and let it gel before clustering our special teams please.

In closing I will say that I thought this was a 10-6 football team coming out of camp.They exceeded those expectations. I hope with a few tweaks and some soul searching I will be writing a super bowl preview in 2016.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Badger Recruiting Underway

By Mark

Just a brief note that the Badger staff is out recruiting this weekend. A full wrap up is coming here on

Update from twitter ~ Barnegat (NJ) three-star OL Sam Madden says he has de-committed from the

Earlier reports surfaced of 2 other recruits de commiting as well