Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quick Hits : Preseason Football Isn't Going Anywhere

by Mark

Seems to be a lot of anguish in Packerland today after Jordy's injury on preseason football. First understand that what happened was a freak injury. It wasn't the turf or any other of the crazy things folks were complaining about.

Second preseason games are extra revenue to the NFL. From tickets and concessions to advertising it's money. In this era of revenue sharing and multi million contracts both sides won't let that go.

I think the uptick in injuries has more to do with the players obtuse new practice restrictions in OTA's and practice. Less conditioning and heavy work outs lead to players who are not fully in shape.

Maybe it's time for both sides to check the egos and money clips at the door and start working on a more realistic approach to not only the preseason but OTA's and work out rules that benefit everyone.

That's today's quick hit.

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