Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wisconsinsportstalk.net Reborn

After a month of work Wisconsinsportstalk.net has been reborn with our new forum software and a new outlook on the rest of 2015.

In the last 24 to 40 months I tried hard to be something we are not. More of the normal 'rah rah " site. Frankly there are many many of those. But I have always been more objective and tried to look closer at the flip side of every issue.

From here on out we will go back to what I envisioned back 8 almost 9 years ago. a sports forum/blog  and community that's more like your local bar.

I invite you to try our community, no cost and no risk. Come by and chat with my forum family. Once you join we have 24/7 chat going on and a few other features. Our blog is an open canvas for any member that wants to write..no strings.

On that note we are always looking for bloggers and freelance writers who want a canvas and have something to say. Please give our new forum a look http://www.wisconsinsportstalk.net/ and if you would like to write for us or maybe have questions about joining up please email us at wissportstalk@outlook.com

Thank you and god bless all those who have supported us through the years

Mark and the Wisconsinsportstalk family.

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