Thursday, May 14, 2015

To Favre Or Not Favre ? This Is The Question ? !

By Mark

Well it's time. I can no longer avoid the Favre situation. Brett will become a Pro football HOF member and will be honored in GB as well. No more shying away from it so let's go.

First let me say I was as big a Favre fan as there was, I loved that gunslinger and wept at his retirement presser.

I was amis in the cluster that followed and was completely pissed off after the Viking debacle. No doubt about it nobody anywhere handled any of it right. Myself included.

Now a few years later it's time to honor the man for the positive things he did in GB, for helping to rekindle the fire in a struggling franchise. I completely understand those still ticked off but the right thing to do is bury the hatchet and move forward.

No I don't expect everyone to put on the old #4 jersey and jump up and down, I do think that our franchise and fanbase are above any petty bickering and childish BS. I personally would not pay to see any of those ceremonies, I will watch on TV and I will smile at the end... remembering that old gunslinger throwing a TD where no one else could... jumping around like a pop warner QB after his first TD.


While many consider this honoring just #4 I would disagree, this will honor the rebirth of the franchise and many great players like Reggie, Leroy Butler, Sterling Sharpe and Edgar Bennett just to name a few.  So while I still have many different feelings about Brett I relish the opportunity to relive some of those great moments of years gone by.

Those are my  thoughts on this Favre occasion coming up.  GO PACK GO !!!

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