Sunday, April 26, 2015

WIAA Has A Competitive Balance issue: My Reaction

The current state of the WIAA doesn't surprise me because the same thing is happening all over the country.  For example looks at Bishop Gorman. A Las Vegas private school with NFL caliber Facilities. How did they receive  these amenities you ask ? I will break it down for you.  

What attracts the talent needed to win the big games ? Who has the most money ? if you answered private schools to both questions you are correct. I forget to mention that most states give private schools the ability to recruit in and out of state. At the end of the day sports are a business and it starts with High School athletes.

The High School sports business cycle is simple and effective. The High School recruits Division One caliber talent. The talent gives the school success. The success attracts donations from Wealthy Alumni. The wealthy alumni fund the program giving it an edge. The problem with the cycle is public school are unable to participate, because they lack money and the ability to recruit.

I think it's the medias job to raise awareness and help this problem. Major media outlet ESPN has stood in the private schools corner for far too long. The popular ESPN show Snoop and Son glorified private school Bishop Gorman. Gorman dominates in state opponents with it's pocket book and it's out of state recruits. If private school parents and ESPN won't listen to the other side who will ? Thats the million dollar question.

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