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Pre-Camp Team Breakdown by Position: First Introducing the Packers QB's

Compiled and Written By: Todd Stelzel, PackersToddsnEnds
     In this series of articles I will provide a breakdown of the Packers players by position--beginning with the offense and concluding with the defense.  Included will be job descriptions and responsibilities, and player bio information and statistics. Finally, I will identify and predict the 2015 Packers starters, 2nd and 3rd string back ups. Starters, for the most part are obvious to pin point, but 2nd and 3rd stringers will be trickier predictions--given a few major battles that loom on the horizon of training camp.  So let's begin at the most logical spot on offense: The Packers quarterbacks.

     The quarterback is the leader of the team, much like a principal of a school, and off the cuff, I'd say his play determines the fate of the team.  For example, can you name the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, who finished the 2014 season with a record of 2 wins and 14 losses?  Possibly not. Now, can you name the starting QB for the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots? Bet you said, "Peyton Manning and Tom Brady." No brainer-right?  Point made: Your team is as good as your QB.

     The quarterback's responsibilities are numerous.  First and foremost, the QB has to take care of the ball.  In other words, he has to avoid turning the ball over to the other team.  Ideally, a quarterback should have twice as many TD's as INT's, twice as many completions as attempts, and must not fumble the ball when being sacked, blindsided, scrambling out of the pocket or running for his life when past the line of scrimmage.

Let's begin with breaking down the Packers QB's.

#12 Aaron Charles Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, Image From:
QB, 6'-2", 225 lbs., 31 years old, 11 years of NFL experience, Selected by GB in 1st round of NFL Draft in 2005, Attended California

     Obviously, ACR is the Packers #1 QB.  In fact, most NFL fans would agree that he is the #1 QB in the league and very well may end up being the NFL MVP again in 2015.  The only question mark? How great will he be this year, considering he is already super great?  I will not bore you to death here with unbelievable statistics and rhetoric.  Rather, in my eyes, the sky's the limit for Aaron. He is no longer shooting for the moon, but rather for Mars!

#16 Scott Tolzien

Scott Tolzien, Image From:
QB, 6'-2", 213 lbs., 27 years old, 5 years of NFL experience, Acquired by GB as a free agent in 2013.
Attended Wisconsin

     Scott Tolzien resigned his contract with the Packers in March of 2015, receiving a $1.375 million dollar deal.  Given this salary figure and the fact that GB parted ways with Matt Flynn, I expect Tolzien to be the #2 back up behind Aaron Rodgers.  His familiarity with the Packers playbook and wide receivers will serve him well when competing against UCLA rookie QB Brett Hundley and new comer UW-Whitewater QB Matt Blanchard. Tolzien's advantage over the others is knowing what everybody (including linemen) is doing on any given particular play; he also knows how the Packers wide receivers run their routes and how to react when a play breaks down and it is time to improvise and extend plays.  Tolzien had a great 2014 preseason and I expect him to be even better in 2015.

#7 Brett Hundley

Brett Hundley, Image From:
QB, 6'-3", 226 lbs., 21 years old, NFL Rookie, Selected by GB in 5th round of 2015 NFL Draft Attended UCLA

     Hundley has the potential to be a starting QB one day in the NFL, but this year will end up being "practice squad material" in order to develop and mature.  He has potential-no doubt; don't forget he grew up in the Jim Mora Jr. pro-style UCLA offense and proved he could handle the duties and responsibilities well enough to be drafted in the 5th and not the 7th round.
     Given his rookie status, I believe he will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off, because of his unfamiliarity with the complicated Packers offense and the tendencies of the receivers.  Therefore I believe, given Tolzien's experience and last years preseason success, Hundley will end up being the #3 Packers QB.  What remains to be seen, is whether he gets to suit up on Sundays or will be a "healthy inactive" for all of the games as he begins to get a grip while playing with the practice squad.  What I do believe is that Thompson will keep THIS Brett around and will, sooner rather than later, give him an opportunity to play.

#6 Matt Blanchard

Matt Blanchard, Image From:
QB, 6'-3", 223 lbs., 26 years old, 2 years NFL experience, Acuired by GB as Free Agent in 2015, Attended UW-Whitewater

     Don't get me wrong here, I'm pulling and rooting for Blanchard to beat out Hundley, but the chance of that happening are ultra-slim.  First of all, take a look at the picture and the wrong way he grips the ball.  He also has on a ring while practicing during the 6-10-15 OTA.  No need to further elaborate. Blanchard needs to go back to quarterback school and repeat a couple of introductory classes.  I think he will show well, but not well enough to make an NFL roster.  To be honest, I see him one day as a starting QB in the Canadian Football League--where, maybe, who knows, they don't grasp the ball at the seams. Hey, now don't laugh. They make pretty darn good money in the CFL.

Next, I will examine the Packers fullbacks and halfbacks.  Until then...#GoPackGo

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