Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Bits And Pieces

By Mark

I've seen a hundred stories this week about Packer OTA's and 99% of them were fluff. It's hard for fans to understand but since the change in CBA off season work isn't even practice anymore. This was nothing more than a glorified walk through and a chance to install your schemes.

I personally believe you really can't evaluate a roster at any level until you have had 2 good weeks of work and a scrimmage and or pre season game. It's then that you see the evaluation of players really begin.

Interesting note today that Aaron Rodgers won't be at Favres induction ceremony. Big deal ? No and yes. Aaron had another engagement to go too that weekend which happens, however when you're the face of a franchise and the team leader certain things take precedent.

Switching Gears Badger recruiting  is in full swing and Coach Chryst and staff are adding pieces to the machine. I was very happy to see Amherst WI DT Tyler Biadasz  commit to UW last week and over the weekend we added OLB Noah Burke from Carmel (IND). Hopefully the staff can add a couple stud WR and half a dozen top notch lineman to the mix.

One last note is the latest Brewers surge. It maybe to late to make a serious run this year, But at least the boys of summer are making the viewing experience tolerable again. It does make one wonder if there will be a fire sale at some point and what off season changes will be in store.

Until next time.... May your beer be cold and your bratwurst plentiful !

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